Excel Essentials

The information packed into this online class

covers all of the essential topics you need to know in order to become productive with Excel. 


Excel Essentials combines the topics covered in Introduction to Excel and Intermediate Excel.  No prior Excel knowledge is needed.

Check the schedule at the right to select either a 4-day format (3 hours a day), or 2-day format (7-hours a day.) 

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Course Overview

Create and manage worksheets and workbooks

  • Create worksheets and workbooks

  • Format worksheets and workbooks

  • Customize options for worksheets and workbooks

  • Customize views for worksheets and workbooks

  • Modify Document Properties

Manage data cells and ranges

  • Insert data in cells and ranges

  • Manage data by using AutoFill

  • Move data within a workbook

Create Excel tables

  • Create and manage tables

  • Manage table styles and options

Perform operations with formulas and functions

  • Define named ranges

  • Navigate in worksheets and workbooks

  • Summarize data by using functions

  • Perform conditional operations by using functions

  • Format and modify text by using functions

Present worksheet data

  • Format cells and ranges

  • Define Styles

  • Apply conditional formatting and filtering

Configure worksheets and workbooks

  • Find and Replace Data

  • Review a worksheet or workbook

  • Printing worksheets and workbooks 

Filter and sort data

  • Filter a data table or range

  • Sort worksheet data 

  • Create custom lists

  • Summarize data in worksheets and workbooks

  • Summarize data by using Sparklines

  • Outline data

Manipulate worksheet data

  • Create a simple VLOOKUP using a single value

  • Combine data from multiple sources

Create charts and objects

  • Create charts

  • Format graphic elements

  • Insert and format objects

Create PivotTable

  • Filter, show, and hide PivotTable data

  • Create dynamic charts by using PivotCharts

Work in Excel More Efficiently

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Customize the Ribbon