Advanced Topics and Workshop
2-Day Webinar

Advanced Topics Workshop for Microsoft Project 2016:
Attendees of this course require a working knowledge of MS-Project in creating plans, tasks and resources. Knowledge of projects and project management as well as basic reporting standards for management reports also required.

Day 1: Topics

Detailed Task Scheduling

  • Task Path

  • Task link relationships

  • Constraints

  • Interrupting work

  • Adjusting working time for individual tasks

  • Task types

Task Details

  • Deadline dates

  • Enter fixed costs

  • Create a recurring task

  • View the plan’s critical path

  • Schedule summary tasks manually

Resource and assignment details

  • Change resource availability over multiple date ranges

  • Work with multiple resource pay rates

  • Change resource pay rates over different date ranges

  • Delay the start of assignments

  • Apply contours to assignments

  • Create and assign material resources

  • View resource capacity

  • Adjust assignments in the Team Planner view

Fine-tune the Project plan

  • Examine resource allocations over time

  • Resolve resource overallocations manually

  • Level overallocated resources

  • Check the plan’s cost and finish date

  • Inactivate tasks

Plan Details

  • Sort plan details

  • Group plan details

  • Filter plan details

  • Create new tables

  • Create new views

Detailed Progress Tracking

  • Update a baseline

  • Track actual and remaining work for tasks and assignments

  • Track time phased actual work for tasks and assignments

  • Reschedule incomplete work

View and report project status

  • Examine a plan’s variance

  • Identify tasks that have slipped

  • Examine task costs

  • Examine resource costs

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Day 2: Workshop

Full-Day Hands-ON creation and monitoring of projects with real-world scenarios.

This is a full day of creating a real-project plan as a group activity involving a complex scenario of diverse schedules and resources to create a coherent and workable project plan and associated reports.

Once the plan is created we will be making real-world adjustments based on “unforeseen” issues and scenarios, like employee turnover, vendor problems, resource and material slips and a host of other problems. Different techniques for handling these issues will be discussed.

Project monitoring against the plans and previous baselines will also be simulated, creating variance and burndown reports necessary for management reporting.

This workshop will allow for student input and real-time questions based on their own needs at their specific jobs, best practices and alternative methods will be the focus. Students will leave having fully planned, implemented and monitored a complex and detailed project.