Tableau Advanced

This 2-day, hands-on, information-packed online class covers the advanced topics you need to know to become even more productive with Tableau Desktop.

Course Overview

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Visualizing Data with Advanced Calculations
Create Groups and Bins with Calculations
Analyze Data with LOD Expressions

Performing Statistical Analysis and Forecasting
Perform Statistical Analysis
Forecasting Data Trends

Enriching Visualizations, Dashboards, and Maps
Customize Mapped Data
Enhance Visualizations with Tooltips
Enhance Dashboards with Actions




Blending Data to Visualize Relationships
Blend Data
Troubleshoot and Refine Data Blends

Joining Data
Create Joins
Troubleshoot Joins
Union Data

Accessing Data in PDFs
Connect to PDFs
Clean and Organize PDF Data

Refining Visualizations with Sets and Parameters
Create Sets
Analyze Data with Sets
Apply Parameters to Data to Refine Visualizations

Manipulating Data with Calculations
Create Calculated Fields
Manipulate Data with Functions
Analyze Data with Table Calculations