Tableau Essentials

This 2-day, hands-on, information-packed online class covers all of the essential topics you need to know in order to become productive with Tableau Desktop.

Course Overview

Overview of Tableau 
Data Visualization Options
The Viz and VizQL
Types of Tableau Data Connections
Guidelines for Visualizing Data for Business  

Navigating the Tableau Interface and Configuring Settings  
Elements for the Tableau User Interface
Workbooks and Sheets
Menus and Toolbar
The Data Pane
Dimensions (Discrete Data)
Measures (Continuous Data)
Blue and Green Pills
Shelves and Cards
The Analytics Pane
Marks and the Marks Card


Connecting to and Preparing Data
Data Source Connections
Data Source Page
Metadata Grid vs. Data Grid
Live Data vs. Extracted Data
Metadata Management
Combining Data from Multiple Sources
Using Data Source Filters
Connecting to Excel and Importing Data  

Preparing Data for Analysis
Data Preparation Benefits
Data Preparation Options
The Data Interpreter
Tableau Prep Tool
Other Data Preparation Tasks
Custom Splits
Guidelines for Preparing Data for Analysis
Preparing Data for Visualization

Saving Workbook Files
Workbook File Types
Packaged Workbooks
Tableau Repository
Options for Exporting to Previous Versions
Workbook Autosave  

Exploring Data

Creating a View
Options for Building Views
Columns and Row Shelves
Marks and Types of Marks
Marks Card Configuration Objects
Show Me 

Customizing Data in Visualizations
Highlight Tables
Highlight Actions
Heat Maps
Tree Maps
Measure Aggregation
Analyzing Data Visually
Date Hierarchies
Discovering Insights with Hierarchies
Table Calculations
Performing Quick Table Calculations  


Managing Data 

Adjust Fields
Organize Data Pane Items
Data Pane Search Options
Data Pane Sort Options
Options for Renaming Fields
Options for Hiding and Unhiding Fields
Adjusting Fields

Sorting Data
Options for Sorting Data in Visualizations
Visualization Sort by Options
Interpretation of Sort Results
Options for Combining Fields
Nested Sorts
Options for Clearing Sorts

Grouping Data
Other Group
Visual Grouping with Marks

Saving and Sharing Data
Saving and Publishing Data Sources
Data Sharing Options
Options for Saving Data Sources
Data Extracts
Options for Refreshing Data Extracts
Benefits of Publishing Data Sources
Tableau Server and Tableau Online
Hidden Fields from Published Data Sources
Process for Publishing Data Sources
Guiding for Saving and Publishing Workbooks and Data Sources



Upcoming Dates:

Sharing Workbooks for Collaboration

Sheets and Workbooks

Options for Sharing Workbooks

Secure Sharing

Options for Sharing to Non-Tableau Users

Predefined Sharing Roles

Saving and Sharing Data

Sharing Workbooks with Limited Access


Filtering Data
Configuring Worksheet Filters
Data Filtering in Tableau
When Data Can Be Filtered
Options for Adding Filters
Filters Shelf
Filter Discrete Fields Dialog Box
Filter Continuous Fields Dialog Box
Filter Dates
Configuring Filters in Tableau

Applying Advanced Filter Options
Data Source Filters
Extract Filters
Context Filters
Filter Application to Worksheets
Filter Actions
The Filter Order of Operations
Guidelines for Configuring Worksheet Filters

Creating Interactive Filters
Filter Card Configuration
Filter Card Modes
Interactive Filter Configuration
Cascading Interactive Filters
Guidelines for Interactive Filters


Customizing Visualizations
Formatting and Annotating Views
Tableau Formatting Options
The Format Pane
Options for Copying and Pasting Formatting
View Formatting
Options for Editing and Formatting Axes

Highlighting Data
Data Highlighting Options
Reference Lines
Reference Bands
Reference Distributions
Box Plots
Drop Lines
Trend Lines

Creating Advanced Visualizations
Complex Data Analysis Scenarios
Clusters in Data
Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions
Computation of Expressions in Tableau
Options for Adding Forecasts
Step and Jump Lines
Scatter Plots
Exploring Data with Advanced Visualizations

Creating Maps
Data Mapping
Types of Maps
Options for Formatting Geographic Data
Customize Maps
Map Layers in Tableau
Map Controls
Mapping Data Geographically

Creating Dashboards in Tableau
Dashboard Size
Dashboard Organization
Dashboard Objects and Configuration
Object Menus
Options for Fitting Views in Containers
Dashboard Filters
Sheet Updates and Dashboards
Device Designer
Guidelines for Creating Dashboards

Creating Stories in Tableau
Story Points
Story Navigator
Story Toolbar
Sheet and Dashboard Data in Stories
Guidelines for Creating Stories